Celebrating 20 Years at Westmead

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

About the photographer: Nicole Chin


From a very young age, Nicole has always had a strong interest in photography. It was in her later years of secondary schooling that she decided to pursue photography at a professional level after having been a photographer for her school’s magazine.

While completing her Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication, Nicole discovered that photography is not merely a stand-alone discipline, it is a broader tool related on various levels to facets of the creative and design industry.

Nicole has never looked back since owning her very first SLR camera. She aspires to specialize in fine art photography one day and is using her degree in Fine Arts majoring in Photomedia as a stepping stone to achieve her dream.

Creative Statement

By going into the Intensive Care Unit and focusing on the children, I chose to put their sickness in the background and to remind myself that each child is precious and has a story of their own.

My images are not so much of sick children, but more of strong and beautiful children filled with hope, love and courage. I hope the portraits help the parents and children to remember to see themselves in a new light, towards a recovery and brand new life.