Celebrating 20 Years at Westmead

Dental Clinic



Yannis Dramitinos was born in Crete, Greece in 1971. He moved to Sydney in 2009. He has worked in Greek-Australian newspapers and he is currently editor and photographer for the Kosmos Newspaper.

Creative Statement

When I was a little boy I had a bicycle. It was my dad who had a camera. I don’t recall ever touching it. I discovered the art of photography many years later. Initially I was suspicious. I was of the view that 1,000 pictures do not worth a single word. I was wrong.

I accepted with honour the invitation to photograph the Dental Department at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Thank you for sharing a unique experience in a place where pictures and words show only a glimpse of the amazing work by the medical teams and the courage and resilience of the children and their families.