Celebrating 20 Years at Westmead

Delta Therapy Dogs

About the Photographer: Geordie Cargill


Geordie Cargill is a Sydney-based photographer and one half of The Heavy Collective, an online publication championing photography both locally and abroad.

A graduate of SCA in 2011, Geordie has worked to promote photography through exhibitions, publishing and co-opening Sydney’s first Independent photography bookshop , Press Books, in Chippendale.

Creative Statement

I guess I got lucky for my photo shoot as I got the smiles, the moments of respite and the short glimpses of welcome distraction in what would be an otherwise painfully boring and mundane day in a hospital bed.

Following the Delta Dogs around The Children’s Hospital at Westmead gave me a glimpse into a world that I thankfully have never had to experience, I have a lot of small kids in my life, so hopefully they don’t have to either.

It was an absolute privilege to be able to step into the world of children at their most vulnerable. The monotony of hospital life could be a whole other insult to the physical injury, but this service provided by the Delta Dogs is invaluable in alleviating those doldrums.

In editing these photographs, I hope that I have the chance to go back and take some more. I want to do justice to the work that the dogs and their owners do, so hopefully that opportunity comes along.