Celebrating 20 Years at Westmead

The Grace Centre for Newborn Care

About the photographer: Angelina Angelicas


Angelina was born in Sydney in 1992. She was cared for by the Grace Centre for Newborn Care when she was very young. The outstanding care that she received has had a lasting impact on her and her family.

Angelina now works with children as an early childhood educator.

Picking up the camera for the first time to document the Grace Ward – the same ward that cared for her 23 three years ago – was a very humbling experience for Angelina.

Creative Statement

As a survivor, I look at my scar every day. I cannot avoid it. Over the years it has changed as I have, however the memories of growing up with this reminder never did.

I was sick, I was cut open, I was fixed, and I survived.

The life-saving care I received more than 20 years ago is testament to a hospital that is special - not only to me but to countless others.

The invitation to pick up a camera for the first time and to document the place that saved my life brought mixed emotions. I was scared, I was amazed, I was excited, and I cried many times.

This experience has definitely made me realize that life is vulnerable and precious.